¿Are you getting the most out of your data?

StraBIA (Strategic BI Advisors) is a consultancy firm founded in 2015 with a long experience in the area of Business Intelligence (BI). We offer consultancy and advisory professional services in the areas of BI and Big Data. Our team is made by experts in different BI and Big Data areas in order to provide the best service fulfilling the needs of our customers with the highest level of quality.

If your organisation is not able to unleash the potential your data is hiding, I encourage you to contact us. We will be glad to hear about your needs, doubts and fears in the areas of BI and Big Data.


StraBIA can help you to define your organisation’s Business Intelligence & Big Data strategy.

Our expert team’s experience is our added value for organisations facing the challenges of such an important and strategic project.


Project management for Business Intelligence & Big Data projects has its own particularities and difficulties, as well as some hidden risks for unexperienced Project Managers in this type of projects.

StraBIA consultants have a long record of successful BI & Big Data project management customer cases. This experience allows us to minimise risks and ensure successful project implementations in our customers.


At StraBIA we have a team of predictive analysis experts to bring statistic analysis to the next level..

Thanks to predictive analysis, organisations can anticipate to events that are very likely to happen in the future, allowing them to make decisions in advance and act proactively instead of having to react to them.


Organisations usually lack the knowledge and the human resources needed to get involved in a BI project. This leads often to outsourcing these type of projects to external consultancy companies. However, that initial lack of knowledge is also not allowing the organisations to validate the quality of the projects being delivered by external consultancies.

At StraBIA we have experience in auditing BI projects and platforms. With this, we give peace of mind to our customers ensuring that the solutions they are getting from third party consultancies meet the highest quality standards.


Starting projects using new technologies has always been a big challenge for organisations. If the organisation wants to get that technology knowledge in-house, a significant investment needs to be done. However, the team is likely to perform initially at a quality level way below professional, due to their lack of experience.

At StraBIA we have experts in different technology areas, each of them with years of experience in customer projects. These experts will help your organisation to overcome your team’s initial limitations when implementing your BI & Big Data projects.


At StraBIA we have a huge experince providing training courses and educational sessions to organisations in the areas of BI & Big Data.

These services include BI evangelisation within organisations. That includes all the informative actions needed in order to change an organisation culture and employees mindset with respect to adoption of BI & Big Data in their day to day activies.